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Current Clients are encouraged to contact Keith on his cell phone for any inquiries. (hover for number).


- Quick Notice -
Yet Again, Email Services seems to be at a standstill, and this is after a major renovation.

Our new location is in office space found within the Lafayette Masonic Temple, located at 522 Columbia Street (the corner of 6th & Columbia Streets).  

Film and Tape Transfer to DVDMedia Transfer and Film Conversion

Our Media Transfer and Film Conversion services are amongst the best in the industry.  We can work with your 8MM and 16MM Films allowing them to be viewed by generations to come. Additionally, these same services can also be put to use with any of your cassette tape media, from Audio Cassette to BETA to VHS.  We also can work with international VHS and DVD formats so you can share your personal media with anyone on the planet. 


THREEH.COM gives you and your business Internet Connectivity that makes normal DSL and Cable insignificant.Internet Services and Support

Recently our internet services were chosen to be restructured.  We will continue to offer site maintenance, development as well as SEO services that are proven by a number of clients both locally and abroad.  We will be changing our Web and Email Hosting services however and will keep all our current such clients appraised of these changes and how, if at all, they will be impacted by such changes.